Prima Power hP-Press is the hydraulic response for the high tonnage market. It is the perfect
combination of force and versatility of the hydraulic technology and the combination of energy
saving and sustainability of the ECO package. 

The Adaptive Crowning and the Reflex System make this press brake the utmost accurate machine in the today market.

The Adaptive Crowning allows to measure and to compensate the ram deflection in real time, in order to manage the material variability.

The Reflex Compensation System controls the deformation of the side frames, which are subject to strong forces that cause the deformation of the throat area, thanks to different machine sensors and its hydraulic circuit.  

The hP press brake supports all of the available tools' style to provide the customer with the tooling system he prefers.

Most of the bending applications are easily programmed by using the 2D graphical online programming with auto sequencing. The control can easily be upgraded to face the necessity of a 3D offline programming.

The hP can be connected in tandem, or integrated into automated lines or robotic cells.


For any further details visit the range page on Prima Power website.