eP Series

Servo-electric eP-Press

The Prima Power eP-Series press brake is a fast, accurate, non-hydraulic bending solution, available in four sizes with different press tonnage and bending length to meet any production requirement.

The servo-electric concept combines productivity, accuracy, flexibility and reliability with high respect to ecological aspects.
Bending cycle times are not effected by the tonnage required to make the bend. The working speed is programmable to ensure bending is made without loss of product quality or operator safety. The standard LazerSafe single beam safety equipment allows the operator to hold the workpiece close to the bending line and still run the machine with high approaching speed.
An extra boost to the productivity is offered by the optional LazerSafe IRIS system. It provides safe high speed closing down to just 2mm.
Compared with other guarding systems or even unguarded machines, the block laser system can save up to 2 or more seconds per cycle.
Fast positioning speeds ensure the back gauge will be ready when the part is presented for each operation.
eP Series

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