eP Genius 1030

Prima Power eP Genius consists in the integration of a servo-electric eP 1030 press brake with one automatic tool change storage.

This concept offers a more versatile, faster and reliable bending solution, which eliminates the manual set-up of the press brake, and allows the operator to commit his time and skills to the preparation of bent components. eP Genius is the ideal solution for minimum batches where it is possible to estimate the machine set-up and short cycle times help gaining higher market competitiviness.

Starting from a 3D file of the final product (a metallic shelf), our software prepares all unfolding files and, after auto-tooling and auto-bend sequence, all CAM files are sent on line to the eP Genius. Here a working queue is uploaded from ERP or by means of a barcode reader, and the operator recalls the list of programs to be run.

Automatically, eP Genius sets up the tooling according to the program queue, and prepares the working area for manual bending operations.

As soon as the first batch of program is bent, eP Genius changes the tools automatically for the next product.

It is an innovative bending mode for a press brake: kit production of small batches.

eP Genius 1030

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