Prima Power BCe is the ideal solution for those working with single parts (kit production) and small or medium batches.

This panel bender combines the well-known benefits of the fully-automatic machine – i.e. flexibility, precision and high quality – with a semi-automatic yet highly productive process, where the machine is always in production thanks to the LUT (Loading and Unloading Table) that allows to load workpieces and unload bent components in masked time.
The video shows a real production sequence where 6 parts of 4 different types are bent (the first and the fourth parts are produced in quantity 1, the two central parts in quantity 2). It is appreciable how the LUT loading and unloading table allows to easily load the workpieces (even those that are very long, thanks to the side feeding), and after that to unload the bent components underneath. In this way, the operator can load and unload by remaining in the same position. Further tools set-up between a part and the next one are done in a masked time during the unloading, loading and centring stages to keep an elevated productivity.
BCe 2720

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