Punching Technology & Prima Power Tooling
(English language)

3rd December, 2020
Session 1
10:00 (CET Time)

Session 2
15:00 (CET Time)
Open House: Bending Day
Prima@Home Webinar

Why to invest in a punching machine? What makes punching such a cost-effective production method and what are the benefits of this technology for modern sheet metal production?

These questions and many more are answered in our Punching Technology & Prima Power Tooling virtual event. We will go into detail with the many possibilities and multiple work stages of our punching machines, including also the punch/shear and punch/laser combination machines, and of course we will present the active turret concept and massive tooling capacity of Prima Power machines.

Join us to hear more about the versatility of modern punching technology!

If you prefer to join the event in Finnish language, please register here.

Punching Technology & Prima Power Tooling

The Event will be Live on December 3rd

Event Agenda

Session 1ActivitySession 2
(CET Time)
  • Why punching technology?
  • Prima Power turret and tooling concept
  • Special tooling and additional work stages
  • Software for tooling and nesting
  • Q&A
(CET Time)
The Open House: Punching Technology & Prima Power Tooling was SOLD OUT.

Thank you and stay tuned!