Open House Prima Power
Systems 30 Years

14th May
10:00-17:00 (CET Time)
Prima Power Open House
The outstanding performance of Prima Power Systems. The development work started already in 1990, when the first automatic flexible manufacturing systems were installed at customer premises. Today we are a technology partner with one of the widest range of solutions for sheet metal working. We offer clever solutions for different industrial segments and in this virtual event you will see some examples.
Systems 30 Years

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Prima Power products presented in the Virtual Open House

Night Train FMS® Genius storage system  (Lauri Nevala, Product Manager, Systems)
30 years of experience and high level engineering by specialists prove that Prima Power Night Train FMS® is leading technology in automated flexible manufacturing. Prima Power’s automated storage solution with low profile crane and shelf structure offer excellent storage capacity with a smaller foot print.

Combo Tower Laser (Lauri Nevala, Product Manager, Systems) Combo Tower Laser is a flexible storage system with integrated loading and unloading features for 2D lasers. It is a key module to automate material flow and makes different materials available whenever needed automatically and without delays; it can also serve as intermediate storage for ready cut components along with skeleton.

PSBB line  (Antti Kuusisaari, Vice President, System Sales)
Basing on decades of experience in modular Flexible Manufacturing Systems Prima Power created PSBB
line, which processes blank sheets into ready-bent, high-quality components automatically. PSBB stands for
Punching + Shearing + Buffering + Bending.

Prima Power Software  (Pasi Kiviluoto, Manager, Software and Advanced Research)
The ever-updated suite of software products from Prima Power provides a complete set of solutions covering all stages of sheet metal processing, from the connection to ERP systems, to the finished product and through the collection of production data.

Systems 30 Years

An interesting journey in the world of Prima Power Systems and automation!

Event Agenda

10:00 am
Europe (CET)
Event starts
Short introduction of company and people
Agenda of the event
3:00 pm
Europe (CET)
10:15 am
Europe (CET)
A quick overview of the history of Prima Power Systems
3:15 pm
Europe (CET)
10:25 am
Europe (CET)
Presentation and demos of Prima Power products
Prima Power Storages
PSBB line
Prima Power Software
Questions and discussions
3:25 pm
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12:00 pm
Europe (CET)
Event ends
5:00 pm
Europe (CET)

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